Automatically extract smoke in the event of a fire

AOV smoke vents are designed to automatically extract smoke in the event of a fire. They should be fully tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 12101-2, meeting standards for safety, security, non-fragility and fire safety with the full guarantee of an established, accredited manufacturer.

At AMSL Group we offer a complete free of charge consultation service and AOV smoke vent extraction Service Maintenance contract agreements with 24/7 emergency call out service. When a smoke detector or call point is triggered, an AOV control system will open actuators, windows or vents, to create ventilation. This clears smoke for people leaving the building, and vents smoke out of the area that has been triggered. The control panel can be activated from: Manual override switches, by dedicated smoke detectors or through integration with existing smoke detection and or fire alarm systems. Optional control panels, smoke detectors, fireman’s switches and manual control points are available, and these can be integrated into any building management system and have a backup battery to ensure operation in the event of no mains power.

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