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Under the provisions of the 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act and the Fire Services Act 1981 amended in 2003, employers and/or managers have a duty of care to provide adequate fire training to their staff for the use of first aid fire extinguishing equipment.

AMSL Group's Fire Safety Trainers provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively perform their role and responsibilities. Our course is designed to give each attendee a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the selection and usage of portable fire extinguishers. Hands-on practical experience with fire equipment will be provided. All delegates are encouraged to use the equipment under the guidance of a trained instructor.

At AMSL Group, we believe fire wardens provide a vital element of any organisations fire defence system. Their duties are recognised under the 2005 Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act where Section 11 of the Act states that employers are required to prepare and revise adequate emergency plans and procedures and provide the necessary measures for fire-fighting and the evacuation of the workplace.

Our fire warden training includes an overview of current fire safety legislation, techniques to assist in implementing and improving effective emergency procedures in your workplace, to help prevent emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures, to raise awareness with other staff about the fire hazards that exist in your workplace, detailed advice on how to instruct workers to respond in an emergency, and the development of fire drills and real evacuation procedures. Our typical course agenda would be as follows:

  • Health & Safety objectives
  • What is Fire
  • Explain causes of fires
  • Identify & explain different classes of Fire
  • What to do if you discover a fire
  • Introduce fire prevention
  • Advise on evacuation procedure
  • Explain how to use an extinguisher
  • React correctly to a fire alarm
  • An overview of the Fire safety legislation
  • Understanding the physics and chemistry of fire
  • Development and spread of fire
  • Action in the event of a fire
  • Means of raising an alarm
  • Video– “The Bradford Fire Disaster”

Practical fire extinguisher training on controlled fires with a range of fire extinguishers. Course duration is approximately 2.5 hours depending on class size, up to a max of 12 people per course. Upon successful completion of the course each delegate is awarded a Fire Warden training certificate which has a validity expiration period of 2 years.

Fire wardens are those staff members that would normally know the general layout of premises, the location and operation of firefighting /fire detection equipment such as fire extinguishers, hoses and break glass units (where fitted), along with the location of emergency exits. One of the key roles of the fire warden is the safe and swift evacuation of their fellow employees and visitors to their place of business.

AMSL Group provides staff fire warden training for small, medium and large businesses, we come to your business place of work and we make references during the course to areas of the building that candidates who are being trained need to know, ensuring familiarity with risks and dangers and how to avoid them. Call us now on +353-1-6316076 or email us at for your FREE consultation.

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