Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic wet chemical kitchen fire suppression systems


In today's commercial kitchens hotels, restaurants and gastro pubs, higher temperature cooking oils and high efficiency appliances with a slow cooling down mechanism such as deep-fat fryers have combined to make fire suppression more challenging than in past few years. All the more challenging is the risk clearly identified concerning the deep fat fryers relating to the natural behaviour of fire to spread throughout a building via the kitchen exhaust ductwork, therefore the need to protect people and property from fire is crucial.

Kitchen fires are among the most dangerous and frightening fires, statistics show that many restaurants never reopen after a major fire. So why do many restaurants never reopen after a major fire? The answer is simply this, the operator or owner of the property has to accept not only their business interruption and the damages due to fire and firefighting but also, the liability towards other tenants, visitors or third parties as well as unfavourable reports in the media. Deep Fat fires are self-igniting and after ignition, the temperature rises dramatically. Deep or shallow Fat fires are fuelled by fat vapours which are highly flammable. That's why they can only be extinguished by isolating oil from the oxygen and reducing the oil temperature.

At AMSL Group our range of automatic wet chemical kitchen fire suppression systems are designed exclusively for professional kitchens. Internationally recognised by restaurant owners, insurance companies and local fire inspectors as the most efficient solution to controlling high temperature deep fat fryer hazards in professional kitchens, without endangering guests or staff of the restaurant. It reacts quickly to a fire before it has the opportunity to grow and spread, automatically, with or without staff intervention and 24 hours a day. It covers all the kitchen types whatever its configuration and whatever the cooking appliances are, from the simplest one to the most complex. Its sleek design and chrome aesthetics allow it to discreetly blend into the recess of any kitchen canopy. Our Kitchen Fire Suppression System is the recommended & preferred choice of fire safety consultants and other insurance firms throughout Ireland and has now set the standard for its competitors to challenge.

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